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Employees are your organization’s greatest asset and successful employees are happy employees. The Asentia LMS enables you to facilitate professional and successful development and up-skilling programs to attract and retain top talent in your organization. Asentia's mobile-ready user experience and personalization features enable you to deliver a targeted learning and development plan across all levels of your organization — providing your employees with anytime, anywhere access to the training for their future success.

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Designed to elevate your successful employee development training - here's how:


Learning Automation

Asentia’s powerful automation features streamline your system administration and learning management workflows. A logical rule-based system allows you to automatically assign specific learning paths, course enrollments, user roles, and permissions to your employees. Empower them to be successful and encourage growth and skill development by giving them access to search your course catalog for key documents and people, special groups, and communities within the LMS.


Social Learning

Asentia facilitates collaboration and discussion between employees by providing them with message boards, built-in direct messaging, and online communities that support specific interests pertaining to your organization



Asentia courses can have personalized assignments and mentoring (one-on-one events) incorporated and tracked as part of your employee development process. Boost confidence and reduce turn-over in your employees by offering them individualized coaching both inside and out of the LMS.

HRIS System

HRIS System Integration

Asentia seamlessly integrates with your existing HR system so employee profile information is automatically pushed to the LMS. User profiles are created automatically saving time and money and keeping all of your data accurate and consistent.

& Reporting05

Tracking & Reporting

Asentia’s intelligent reporting features allow supervisors, managers, and administrators to track and measure employee progress through your development training programs. You can set up alerts and notifications that proactively track and report course completions for reinforcing confidence and ensuring your training is successful. Asentia can also issue customized, printable online certificates upon completion of your employee development programs.


Natural Mobility

One of the biggest challenges to successful employee development is finding time to develop your top performers while still satisfying day-to-day job requirements. Setting aside time to learn is difficult for even the most organized and committed employee. Asentia’s responsive design provides a seamless mobile-responsive user experience so your employees can access your material on any device, anytime, anywhere. Let them develop their skills when it is convenient for them.

Good managers know that employees are the driving force behind organizational performance and success. The Asentia LMS helps you give them the tools to succeed in your organization with a comprehensive learning and development program delivered through a simply beautiful learning experience - whether you’re offering your employees classroom-based or virtual instructor-led training, interactive eLearning, mobile learning, social learning, or even on-the-job mentoring and assessment.

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