Features Overview

Responsive User Experience

Learners, managers and admins enjoy app-free, anytime-anywhere access to learning — from any device

Blended Learning Support

Manage online courses, virtual live and classroom-based learning, plus performance support materials

Learning Automation

Sophisticated user profile-driven logic streamlines system administration, course enrollments, learning management, and learner tasks

Push Notifications

Key learning events may trigger push notifications via email or SMS, driving utilization and completion rates

Personalized Dashboards

Customizable dashboards and widgets let your users and admins focus on the features that matter most

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Our Asentia LMS is offered exclusively on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis and is designed specifically with the needs of a blended learning ecosystem in mind.

With a scalable system that can be tailored to address your specific training needs, Asentia offers power, flexibility, and next generation functionality.