Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Leadership development is the teaching of leadership qualities that can include communication skills, motivating others, and management skills to a individual that may need to use these skills in a leadership position.

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From small business's to multinational corporations, succession planning and leadership development are the lifeblood of any organization. Don't let leadership development be a drain for your best and brightest - The Asentia LMS enables you to facilitate the development of your organization’s leaders and encourage innovation and new thinking – now and in the future.

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Designed to elevate your leadership development training - here's how:


Learning Paths

The Asentia LMS lets you rapidly create development paths tailored to your top performers and easily assign custom learning experiences via learning automation.


Blended Learning Experiences

Blend eLearning self-study, Instructor Led Training (ILT), social learning & collaboration, executive mentoring, and on-going assessment for a fully-encompassing leadership development program – and track all progress along the way.

& Reporting03

Tracking & Reporting

Asentia’s intelligent reporting features allow supervisors, managers, and administrators to track and measure employee progress through your leadership development training programs. You can set up alerts and notifications that proactively track and report course completions for reinforcing confidence and ensuring your training is successful. Asentia can also issue customized, printable online certificates upon completion of your leadership development programs.



Asentia courses can have personalized assignments and mentoring (one-on-one events) incorporated and tracked as part of the leadership development process. Boost confidence in your leaders by offering them individualized coaching both inside and out of the LMS.


Natural Mobility

One of the biggest challenges to leadership development is that your top talent is often burdened with significant job responsibilities that leave little room for development. Finding time to learn is difficult for even the most organized and committed employee. Asentia’s responsive design provides a seamless mobile-responsive user experience so your employees can access your material on any device, anytime, anywhere. Let them develop their skills when it is convenient for them.

Good managers know that implementing a succession strategy and the accompanying leadership development programs is essential to nurturing your organization’s future leaders. The Asentia LMS alleviates the biggest challenges to leadership development, letting you focus on development paths fine-tuned to prepare your top talent to be your organization’s future leaders.

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