General Brochure

General Brochure

Enterprise Learning Management for the Connected Workforce

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Today’s global workforce is more connected than ever – whether office-based, at home or out in the field. Through steady advances in mobile networking and devices, rapid growth of social media and broad adoption of online business productivity tools, professionals expect their learning experiences to be easy to access, easy to use and easy to manage.

The next-generation Learning Management System (LMS) from the award-winning ICS Learning Group, Asentia drives organizational performance via a simply beautiful learning experience for learners, their managers and learning administrators – from the classroom to the desktop to the smartphone.


One of the biggest challenges in learning and development is your employees finding time to engage with your curriculum and courses, whatever their focus and intended outcomes. Bring the learning to them – wherever they are, whenever they’ve got some time to spare – and make any time learning time. Asentia was designed with this in mind. The system provides all roles with an app-free, mobile responsive user experience that naturally extends the reach of your new hire training and orientation programs.


The goal of any technology is to make our lives better, easier and more productive, whether at work or play. Yet, there is a fine line between systems that actually improve our existence and bloated, complicated systems that over-promise and under-deliver. Automation rules for learner cohort creation; course and course path assignment; deadline reminders; progress notifications and scheduled reporting let Asentia handle (and scale) the mundane activities, letting your learners, managers and administrators focus on what matters most.


Whether you believe form follows function or the reverse, form always matters when taking software usability into account. In the learning management system context, cumbersome and dated interface design creates an obstacle to learner adoption and utilization and frustration for your managers and administrators. Asentia uses a contemporary interface design to ensure that your audience has a learning experience on par with their favorite apps – professional or personal.

Don’t let learning management get in the way of great learning.